Red Hawk Premium Peppers

Hot Pepper Spreads

Cranberry Pepper Spread

   Traditionally served with cream cheese on butter crackers. This red jalapenos based spread is wonderful on baked brie, chicken and pork!!! BEST CANDIED BACON.......EVER!!!!!!
      $6 per 9 oz. jar

Habanero Apricot Spread

   Apricots and habaneros are a perfect pairing! This medium heat spread makes a great base for sweet and sour chicken or crockpot meatballs. Also great over ice-cream and pork ribs!
      $6 per 9 oz. jar

Fiery Pineapple Spread

   Pineapple and superhot Fatalii peppers.
   HOT (but not overwhelming)... your morning toast will never be the same! This is spread is awesome when used as a glaze on baked ham, on salmon dishes and much much more!
      $7 per 9 oz. bottle